A Golden Opportunty

“It is now that we have a golden opportunity to take real leadership to abolish nuclear weapons in the world–BUT more than that may I suggest that you look to Japan as a partner in abolishing war as a political tool. Why Japan? Because ironically after WWII the U.S. wrote a new constitution for Japan that included Article 9, which states in no uncertain terms that Japan will never again make war. Japan has not made war in 64 years. This is an astounding accomplishment — proof that a major industrial nation never need to go to war to be economically successful. How may we benefit from a partnership with Japan?  I suggest that we adapt a form of “Article 9″ into our own constitution. With Japan and the U.S. supporting UN LEADERSHIP  other nations will follow  – each adapting their own version of Article 9. In this way not only will we provide the leadership, but also an international unified effort to not only abolish nuclear weapons, but also to abolish war making as a political tool.”

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