A-bomb Haiku

“Teach me to sing songs

When Black rain falls on my face

My darling A-bomb.”

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Covert U.S. – Japan Nuclear Pact

Sept. 2, 2009.  The Covert U.S.-Japan Nuke Pact.

The secret pact is controversial because after World War II and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan adopted the three “non-nuclear principles” – not making or possessing nuclear weapons, nor allowing them on to its soil.

The secret deal was sealed in the 1960s between US and Japanese diplomats, who agreed that the transit of nuclear arms through ports did not constitute the introduction of weapons into Japan, and so did not require prior consultation on the US side.

Japan has a golden opportunity to lead the world in the abolition of nuclear weapons with the election of the DPJ. The DPJ should dissolve the secret nuke pact with the U.S. and form a new overt pact with the Obama administration that upholds Japan’s three principles; no possession, no manufacture and no entry of nuclear weapons into Japan. In addition, Japan should encourage the U.S. to amend the U.S. Constitution by adding ARTICLE NINE that will forbid the U.S. from ever making war again. Article Nine has been the most successful article of the Japanese Constitution. By example Japan has not gone to war and has not lost a single soldier to war in  65 years. With Japan and the U.S leading the way, other nations will follow by example.

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