A Golden Opportunty

“It is now that we have a golden opportunity to take real leadership to abolish nuclear weapons in the world–BUT more than that may I suggest that you look to Japan as a partner in abolishing war as a political tool. Why Japan? Because ironically after WWII the U.S. wrote a new constitution for Japan that included Article 9, which states in no uncertain terms that Japan will never again make war. Japan has not made war in 64 years. This is an astounding accomplishment — proof that a major industrial nation never need to go to war to be economically successful. How may we benefit from a partnership with Japan?  I suggest that we adapt a form of “Article 9″ into our own constitution. With Japan and the U.S. supporting UN LEADERSHIP  other nations will follow  – each adapting their own version of Article 9. In this way not only will we provide the leadership, but also an international unified effort to not only abolish nuclear weapons, but also to abolish war making as a political tool.”

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It’s wrong to back pedal on non-nuclear issues

Aug. 19, 2010

Craig Martin’s article “It’s wrong to backpedal on non-nuclear principles” in the Japan Times comes at a very important time. The world is more acutely aware of the proliferation of nuclear weapons and their inherent danger to all species on our planet since President Obama’s speech in Prague calling for a nuclear free world. That forces in the Japanese government prodded by the U.S. continue to lobby for an amendment to the constitution that would modify the three non-nuclear principles is to send a message to the citizens of Japan that their lives are worth nothing more than the paper the constitution is written on. The secret pacts with the U.S., the nuclear umbrella, the extended occupation of Okinawa are tragic overtures to an apocalypse  that most certainly threatens the existence of the free world.  It is disheartening and disgusting that the citizens of both Japan and America allow their administrations to play nuclear roulette with their lives. Now is the time for a grass roots movement on a global scale to demand that Japan honor her Peace Constitution and that America withdraw all troops from the Japanese islands including Okinawa. A political lie basically has a short life. These lies by the U.S. and Japan can no longer sustain themselves in the international community and need to be abolished immediately!

Thank you, Mr. Martin for so clearly stating the legal analysis behind Article Nine and the peace Constitution.

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