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Good to hear from you and thanks again for attending my film. I value your thoughts and ideas. I teach at a Japanese school, but that doesn’t give me great insight into the Japanese mind. Most Japanese I know do not talk about war & peace, but then neither does my Korean wife and all her friends – only some peace activists are more outspoken. Americans of course are more outspoken, but they do not have power, so their achievements are small. I continue to strive for peace (no war) beyond my own inner peace because we live in the nuclear age and human relations being unpredictable, a nuclear holocaust today will severely prohibit the future of life on the planet. The power brokers understand this. Their addiction to power and greed becomes our addiction because we all live together feeding off of one another. It becomes our responsibility to survive that motivates us to treat that addiction and work towards its abolition.


Article 9 in North America

Glad to see you!

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